We are fishermen that love boats!  We want to open the coast to those who want to fish the flats without having to fork out a fortune for an expensive fishing skiff.


The MX skiff developed by 3rd Coast Boatworks was specifically designed for the shallow waters of the Texas coast.

This boat is a kayak, a SUP, a micro skiff hybrid that is especially designed to be paddled, poled, or powered across the flats.  This boat highlights the stealth of a kayak, simplicity of a stand up paddleboard, and the handling characterstics of a technical poling skiff, all at an affordable price.  When you get tired of paddling, power up with a 6 HP outboard that will run in 8" of water.

The boat is the ultimate in stealth watercraft for single fisherman to sneak up on wary gamefish in shallow waters. A cooler can be used as a seat, casting, and poling platform to locate and stalk fish on the flats. I particularly enjoy fly fishing from this craft, and it is nimble enough to allow fisherman the ability to control the boat and stalk fish at the same time!

This is the ultimate shallow water boat for the dedicated flats stalker!

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